Wadi Al Disah Tour from Tabuk

1799 SAR


Are you looking for adventure tours in Saudi Arabia? Do not spend your time searching for what things to do Saudi Arabia boasts a rich array of tourism opportunities waiting to be explored. With its unique landscapes, from the golden deserts and stunning Red Sea shoreline to treasures like Diriyah, Wadi Al Disah and Al-Ula, the Arabian region offers the perfect blend of modernity and tradition.

Hence, whether you are looking for something adventurous or you want to connect with nature, this region has something for everyone! Perhaps the best tour in Saudi Arabia is the adventure tour to Wadi Al Disah.

Visit our website, look through our Saudi hiking tours and join us on a voyage to discover the natural wonders of this Arabian Peninsula. If you are visiting Tabuk, one of the best Tabuk things to do is hike in Wadi Al Disah.

Wadi Al Disah, tucked away in the stunning landscape of Tabuk, lies an unspoiled gem waiting to be explored. This earthly splendour is also known as the Valley of Palms, offering a spectacular escape into the heart of nature. Keep reading below to find information about the Wadi al Disah hiking tour Tabuk has to offer and the package details.

Can you picture the perfect getaway connecting with Mother Nature? That is what trip to Wadi al Disah hiking tours provide to fellow participants. Visualize a location setting where palm trees sway gracefully in the chill breeze, clear streams flow through the rocky terrain, and the rough mountains create an inspiring backdrop. Indeed, it is an ideal escape away from the hustling and bustling city lifestyle. Book your tour with us today and reserve your spot for making unforgettable memories.


Your Wadi al Disah tour from Tabuk begins in the morning with a convenient pickup in an air-conditioned vehicle. The drive itself from Tabuk to Wadi Al Disah is a visual treat with breathtaking vistas. Endure a hassle-free and comfy ride enjoying the stunning lush greenery, the rugged and Rocky Mountains and the endless stretch of expansive dunes.

Upon reaching the destination, our tour guide will provide a short briefing on the day's program. Following it, soon the adventure for the day begins.

Our hike through the valleys leaves a splendid everlasting effect on your life. Wadi al Disah is also known as the hiker's heaven. As you hike through the canyon, the beauty of this region unfolds. The hidden beauty of these canyons comes to display as you get closer, from the hidden clear pools, spectacular waterfalls, and jaw-dropping crystal clear streams to lush greenery and rugged cliffs on the sides. Perhaps, it is an ideal location to take a break and escape the scorching hot climate of the desert region! Furthermore, you can even take a plunge in these fresh waters and unwind.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced hiker - hiking trails in this valley are suitable for all. Our tour experts will impart fascinating facts and insights along the route, making your venture in Wadi Al Disah more memorable.

After an exhausting hike, we will stop at an open space to enjoy a leisurely lunch amid the serene surroundings created by the towering palm trees. The chill breeze, the rushing waterfall sound and the tranquillity in the atmosphere make it the perfect setting to indulge in a hot delicious meal.

Followed by lunch, visit Lion Mountain Tabuk region is renowned for this. This mountain is also known as the Jabal Al Aswad and the Black Mountain. The mountain derives its name from the geological formation of its distinctive black rocks. Hence, this mountain stands out against the breathtaking backdrop. Its unusual formation creates a captivating sight. Thus, take a moment to marvel at the beauty of this cliff. Furthermore, it also creates a distinctive backdrop for photos, so capture a few memorable poses against this unique creation.

Don't put in your cameras! You get the opportunity to witness the sun setting casting a shadow of hues on these rough cliffs and luxuriant greenery. As you immerse yourself in this beautiful scene, capture some stunning sunset photographs!

Wadi Al Disah is home to several small villages. On your way back, visit these villages, interact with the locals, and learn about their rich cultures and traditions. Additionally to the nature exploration, you get to the venture cultural exploration.

The Wadi Al Disah tour from Tabuk is a journey beyond just a hike. Our tour is a complete package offering the perfect balance of adventure, thrill, excitement, and an excellent connection with Mother Nature!

So book your tour with us today and get ready to immerse in an experience like no other!

Did you know?

  • Wadi Al Disah peak is 400 meters above sea level.
  • The temperatures here usually range between 12°C to 31°C.
  • The tour is approximately for 9- 12 hours.
  • The translation of Al Disah is "The Valley of Palm Trees."
  • There are archaeological memorials such as the Nabataean Tombs and walls with Arabic and Nabataean writings in Kufi Script.
  • It is said that the Wadi Al Disah is a 15 KM long canyon.

Departure/Return Location

  • Anywhere in Tabuk city Hotels, Malls, Residence & Tabuk Airport

Tour Duration

  • 09-12 Hours

Tour Prices

  • Per Person : 1799 SAR
  • Group Booking Price will be Different

Additional Informations

  • Guests are kindly requested to remain at the hotel lobby or by the malls for pick up
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences
  • Warm clothing is recommended during the winter season (September to April)