Tour to Hegra, Elephant Rock & Old Town

999 SAR


Discover the rich past and ancient mysteries as you explore through time with our tour to Hegra, Elephant Rock & Old Town. Indeed, this extraordinary adventure will tell you tales of the ancient era and leave you with unforgettable memories. The renowned Historical tours in Alula are the captivating excursions of these remarkable sites. So, pack your bags and get ready to travel in time with the Hegra tours Al Ula has to offer. Book your tour package with us today and have an outstanding expedition in the city of Al Ula!

Saudi Arabia, a spiritual country, entices travellers with its mesmerizing religious significance. The famous religious tours of Saudi Arabia are the Umrah tours and the Hajj tours. However, with the seamless blends of modern architects, the incredible untouched terrains, and the historical wonders and mysteries, the Arabian land is filled with a bounty of tourist attractions. From Religious tours and historical tours in Saudi Arabia to adventure tours in Saudi Arabia- the Arabian land has a lot to offer its visitors!

Therefore, our tour encompasses thrilling adventures, charming natural beauty, deep-rooted history and cultural experiences that will create lifetime memories. Book your tour with us today and delve into an unforgettable experience.

Steeped in history, unearthing the past of Saudi Arabia lies Al Ula. A hidden gem in particular that boasts a fortune of historical treasures! Including the UNESCO World Heritage site of Madain Saleh, antique Nabatean graves, and rock-carved inscriptions that have preserved the tales of rich past civilizations for years.

If you are searching for Alula things to do, you should visit Elephant Rock in Al Ula. From uncovering unique rock formations to hiking through ancient ruins, the adventure experienced is truest in its sense!

In Al Ula, every gravel tells a tale of the past, taking you on a journey through time. As a part of our Tour to Hegra, Elephant Rock & Old Town, we heighten the experience by learning the lifestyles, customs and traditions of the people on this land. Hence, book your tour today and grab this opportunity to learn the history of Al Ula in an adventurous way!

Tour Description

Here is what is included in our tour to Hegra, Elephant Rock & Old Town package:

  • Convenient transportation service

  • To ensure you have a smooth experience venturing the deep-rooted history, we offer pick-up and drop-off service in our tour package. You have to worry about nothing! Upon confirming your tour with us, our tour driver will pick you up from the Al Ula airport or any other location in Al Ula of your choice. Enjoy your cosy and comfortable ride in an air-conditioned private vehicle.

    As our driver transfers you to the end destination, relax and observe the stunning scenery that envelopes the route.

    Following a pick-up, after the adventurous day at Al Ula ends, our driver will provide a drop-off service in your preferred location in Al Ula.

  • A mouthwatering lunch in Al Ula

  • Your lunch on our tour is more than a meal it is a burst of diversified Arabian cuisine! Indulge yourself in the succulent and aromatic flavours of the Arabian meal. From a platter of delicate meats, flavourful rice, and hummus to famous Arabian desserts such as kunafah and baklava - treat yourself to a wide variety of Arabian dishes and savour this feast!

  • Tour to Hegra

  • Hegra is a remarkable spot where history comes to life! Hegra, also known as 'Al-Hijr' or Madain Saleh, is a testament to the rich past in the Arabian lands. This historical monument dates back to the era of the Nabatean, establishing rock carvings, ancient structures, and inscriptions.

    You should not miss capturing these musing realities!

  • Tour to the old town

  • Grab this opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultural heritage. Al Ula's Old Town is a living reminder of the customs, lifestyle and traditions. As you make your way through passing the narrow alleyways and mud-brick structures, you will gain an understanding of the rich past and legacy that has survived through generations. Besides, the warm and welcoming nature of the locals here gives a pleasant experience.

  • Tour to the Elephant Rock

  • Undoubtedly, the tour will be incomplete without visiting the Elephant Rock. It is a striking and unique natural formation of the rock that resembles an elephant's trunk and head. Hence the name, 'Elephant Rock.' Indeed, the sculpted rock formation by nature illustrates the power of Mother Earth.

    Do not miss the opportunity to pose against the sheer scale of this natural wonder and capture your moment.

You can able to choose one of these two following itineraries

Itinerary 01

  • 09:00 : Pickup from Your Location
  • 09:30 : Head to Hegra (Heritage site)
  • 10:00 : Hegra tour
  • 13:00 : Head to a private farm
  • 14:00 : Lunch at the farm
  • 15:00 : Head to Elephant Rock
  • 16:00 : Elephant Rock experience
  • 17:00 : Head to Al Ula Airport
  • 19:00 : Departure

Itinerary 02

  • 09:00 : Pickup from Your Location
  • 09:30 : Head to Hegra (Heritage site)
  • 10:00 : Hegra tour
  • 13:00 : Head to a private farm
  • 14:00 : Lunch at the farm
  • 15:00 : Head to Old Town
  • 16:00 : Tour at the Old Town
  • 17:00 : Head to Al Ula Airport
  • 19:00 : Departure

The tour to Hegra, Elephant Rock & Old Town is a journey in the ancient which promises to leave an incredible mark in your lifelong memories! Book your excursion with us today and get on board to experience the fascinating narrative that forms the region of Al Ula.

Tour Details

Departure/Return Location

  • Anywhere in Al Ula City Hotels, Malls, Residence & Al Ula Airport

Tour Duration

  • 10-12 Hours

Tour Prices

  • Per Person : 999 SAR (Minimum 4 Person Required)

Additional Informations

  • Guests are kindly requested to remain at the hotel lobby or by the malls for pick up.
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences
  • Warm clothing is recommended during the winter season (September to April)