Top 5 Desert Adventures to Try in Jeddah

A desert adventure in Jeddah is one of the must-try experiences when you are in the city. However, how do you find the best Jeddah desert safari tour for you when you have all these different desert tour packages.

In this article, we discuss all the types of desert tours in Jeddah so you can find the best tour for you easily.

01 Jeddah Evening Desert Safari

Jeddah Evening Desert Safari

Discover the beauty of the golden desert for a full evening with a Jeddah evening desert safari. Featuring a range of desert activities and adventures, the tour ensures you a desert adventure that you will cherish forever. Go on a wild dune drive. Get on a camel to trek through the desert like a real Bedouin. Experience the desert culture and the lifestyle at its finest. From the traditional welcome, traditional camps to traditional dishes and beverages, the tour will give you the opportunity to experience the desert as a Bedouin.

What makes an evening desert safari special is the mesmerizing sunset you get to experience. Just imagine how mind-blowing it would be to witness a fantastic sunset sitting on a tall sand dune sipping a traditional coffee or tea with your loved ones. Enjoy a BBQ dinner around the bonfire and gaze at the stars enjoying some shisha. These are some of the few experiences that you could enjoy during your evening desert safari in Jeddah.

02 Jeddah Quad Bike Tours

Jeddah Quad Bike Tours

When you don’t have much time, yet want to experience a quick desert adventure in Jeddah, A quad bike ride in the Jeddah desert is the best desert safari tour for you in Jeddah. Offering you a 1-hour quad biking adventure the tour also features a few other desert adventures such as sandboarding and dune drives. You can always ask your tour operator to create a custom desert adventure depending on the time you have and the activities you want to try.

It doesn’t matter even if you haven’t had the opportunity to ride on a quad bike before. There are experienced instructors at the site who will help you learn your basic quad biking skills in no time and will continuously monitor you and guide you to ensure you a safe adventure. Usually, you will be taken to the desert camp amidst the Jeddah desert for your quad bike ride.

03 Jeddah Morning Desert Safari Tours

Jeddah Morning Desert Safari Tours

If you are someone concerned about the heat of the desert and harsh weather conditions, morning desert safari is one of the best desert tours for you. Plus, you get to witness the morning sunrise from the desert- An experience not many get to witness from their naked eye in their lifetime.

Taking you to the desert before the dawn, the tour will start with the sunrise which you can get to experience sitting on a tall sand dune sipping a traditional cup of coffee. Since you start your tour early in the morning, you will be able to enjoy your adventures without experiencing much heat.

The tour includes camel rides, dune drives, henna tattoos, sandboarding, photoshoots in traditional costumes, and much more.

04 Jeddah Overnight Desert Safari Tours

Jeddah Overnight Desert Safari Tours

If you have more time than a half-day for your desert exploration, and overnight desert safari tour in Jeddah is for you. This Jeddah desert tour enables you to spend a whole night in the desert, where you can sleep in a traditional Bedouin tent in the Bedouin style. The tour features many exciting desert adventures that will offer you the perfect combination between, adventure and serenity while offering you an ample of opportunities to explore the Bedouin culture.

Enjoy a BBQ dinner under the starlit sky sitting around the bonfire. And try shisha smoking as you enjoy the serenity of the desert. With camel trekking, dune bashing rides, sand boarding adventures, cultural photoshoots and henna tattoos, the tour features a myriad of fun activities.

05 Private Romantic Dune Dinner in Jeddah

Private Romantic Dune Dinner in Jeddah

Being one of the perfect dates for couples who are visiting Jeddah, Private romantic Dune dinner in Jeddah ensures the ideal romantic ambience to spark your romance for each other.

The tour will take you to the middle of the desert where private traditional Bedouin tents await just for you two. With many desert activities and adventures, the tour will keep you two excited, giving you the opportunity to create perfect travel moments together. This is the ideal desert tour in Jeddah for couples. Maybe it’s your honeymoon or your wedding anniversary or you are planning your proposal. Or maybe you want to surprise your significant other with one of a kind date for no special reasons. Either way Private Dune Dinner will ensure you a fantastic adventure tour.

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