Ridge Walk Hike Experience Al Ula

399 SAR

Tour Overview

With each step forward, you are a step closer to conquering! Are you excited to overcome your fears and dominate the game? Then, partake in the Ridge Walk Hike Experience ALULA has to offer. Indeed, the adventure tour to Ridge Walk is all about pursuing the heights and the horizons.

Saudi Arabia is a country with a yearlong active tourism. This sacred country offers tremendous spiritual significance and attracts pilgrims from all across the world. The best tour in Saudi Arabia is the expeditions of Umrah and Hajj. Every year, thousands of people gather in this country for religious purposes.

However, besides the spiritual journeys and tours, if you search for things to do Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer its visitors. The blessed country has a plethora of attractions that attract non-Muslim tourists as well. The adventure tours in Saudi Arabia are best known, and a few of them are the Saudi hiking tours, the Arabia desert safari excursions, the ATV tours, camel ride tours, water sports adventure tours, skydiving tours and much more!

So, if you plan to travel to Saudi Arabia, know which tours you want to go for beforehand. Nonetheless, visit ridge walk hiking tour in Al Ula. It promises an experience of a lifetime.

Al Ula, a captivating region, lies in the heart of Saudi Arabia. This hidden destination attracts travellers from around the world to discover and unveil its enchanting beauty. Hence, if you are looking for alula things to do a trip to ridge walk hiking tours is a must-have on your list. The hidden region is full of tourist interests ranging from adventure sports and modern architects to natural sightseeing tours.

Yet, the ridge walk hiking tour Alula has to offer is the most enthralling experience in this region. Escape the ordinary and regular lifestyle and venture into the untamed natural beauty of the AlUla mountains.

Indeed, our hike tour in Alula allows you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary adventure that seamlessly blends challenging yet thrilling treks, spectacular panoramas, and a deep sense of harmony with the natural world. Why wait any longer? Contact us to book your tour and get ready to create unforgettable memories from new heights!

Perhaps one gets to experience the mystical tours by venturing into the unknown adventures in the Al Ula region. The hidden gems of Al Ula attract courageous, sporty spirits daring to explore and unfold the wild, breathtaking beauty of the region. Thus, the Ridge Walk Hike Experience AlUla offers is true evidence of the daring essence of adventure and thrill.

From encountering mountain peaks to ascending rocky surfaces to breathtaking vistas in 360 degrees - you will find yourself lost in the marvellous creation of Mother Earth. Undoubtedly, the enchanting and unspoiled splendour witnessed during the hike etches to a lifelong memory.

The Ridge Walk Hike Experience takes you to new heights with each step taken forward, both, physically and as a personal achievement. The peak view from the climb presents a fantastic opportunity to witness the majesty and beauty of Al Ula. Book your tour with us today and experience a timeless beauty.

Tour Description

The Ridge Walk Hike Experience is a total of 6 KM hike. Whether you are a seasonal hiker or a novice looking to explore the exciting tourist interests in Al Ula, the hiking trail guarantees an experience like no other.

It takes approximately two and a half hours to three hours to hike and conquer the mountain, but the stunning vistas leave memories for a lifetime.

Here is what to expect with our AlUla Ridge Walk Hike Experience tour package

Pick and drop services

Comfort and convenience are the cornerstones for us, so as a part of our tour package, we provide hassle-free and smooth transportation solutions. When you book your tour with us, we look after your pickup and drop-off and seamlessly transfer you to the starting point of the adventurous activity.

Our driver will pick you up from Al Ula airport or any other preferred location of your choice in Al Ula and drive you towards the destination. Relish a scenic ride in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle and unwind.

You don't have to stress about transportation or navigating the routes in an unfamiliar region any more. After completing the adrenaline-pumped activity for the day, our driver will drop you off at your preferred location.

Expert team support

From the point of booking a tour with us to the end point of completing the hike - we strive to attain maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore, we also have expert tour guides on our team. Upon your arrival at the starting point, the tour guide will greet you and brief you on the safety measures and hiking tips. Following this, they will also provide the necessary safety gear to ensure you have a safe and secure hiking experience.

Furthermore, they will lead the hike acting as a real-life compass, and impart fascinating details and facts along the way about the region's history, ecosystem and geology. The hike is more than just an adventurous tour. It is a unique way to explore and learn insights into the Al Ula region.

Water bottles and snacks

The hike can be exhausting. Hence to keep you energized we provide energy drinks, water and snacks.

The Ridge Walk Hike is truly something everyone should experience. From the wind crashing against the skin to the sweat droplets dropping from the body- the thrilling trek opens the opportunity to connect with nature and its untamed pure beauty. Do you want to experience the same? Then book our Alula Ridge Walk Hike Experience tour package today.

Tour Details

Departure/Return Location

  • Anywhere in Al Ula City Hotels, Malls, Residence & Al Ula Airport

Tour Timing

  • September - Sunday to Thursday - Departs 4 PM & Return 8 PM
  • October to March - Sunday to Thursday - Departs 8 AM & Return 12 PM

Tour Duration

  • 4 - 5 Hours

Tour Prices

  • Per Adult : 399 SAR
  • Per Children (8-15 Years) : 249 SAR

Additional Informations

  • This hiking tour is suitable for who are aged more than 8 years.
  • Guests are kindly requested to remain at the hotel lobby or by the malls for pick up.
  • Warm clothing is recommended during the winter season (September to April)