Overnight Desert Safari Al Asfar Lake

899 SAR


Venture into an unforgettable journey beneath the Arabian stars with our tour package of overnight desert safari in Al Asfar lake.

Al Asfar lake, a shimmering paradise situated amid the rugged and towering sand dunes in the desert; attract tourist from all across the globe. Thus, the Alasfar desert makes an ideal location for those seeking more than just experiencing the magic of the desert. Are you one of those? Then, book your overnight desert safari deals with us and wait for the adventure to unravel!

In the heart of the Arabian desert, where the dramatic sand dunes are spread endlessly; lies a territory full of enthralling adventures and charming beauty waiting to be explored. Hence, our overnight desert camping alasfar lake tour promises to offer a captivating excursion through the hidden treasure of Al Asfar's wilderness. Have you got what it takes to spend a night in the desert? Then, book this tour right now and get on board to create unforgettable memories on this journey.

Tour Description

Upon confirming the luxury overnight safari in alasfar lake tour with us, our driver will come to pick you up from your hotel or any other preferred location. Enjoy a hassle-free and convenient pickup in an air-conditioned vehicle as you make your way towards the destination where adventure awaits you! As you leave the city limits, you will sense the anticipation building up in you as you notice the endless desert terrain surrounding you.

When you arrive at the destination after a scenic drive, you will find our tour guides waiting to welcome you. They will greet you and offer refreshments such as water and other soft drinks. As you sip in, listen to the short briefing provided that encompasses the day's program and the timelines.

However, before starting the thrilling adventures for the day, it is vital to survey if you have sufficient water intake to keep you hydrated. The dry and harsh weather conditions in the desert can lead to dehydration. Hence, bearing this in mind, we provide unlimited access to water and energy drinks so you can stay hydrated throughout the desert safari.

Our first experience for the day is the visit to the camel farm. These majestic animals have a strong significance in the Arabian culture and play a vital role in the desert's heritage. Here, you can learn more about these giant animals, their species, how they adapt to dry climates and survive, and much more. Besides that, you can communicate with them, feed them, and even take selfies!

That is not about it! Do you want to make your experience on the camel farm more daring? You get the opportunity to ride on this majestic animal of the desert. Enjoy an exciting journey on the camelback and explore the desert from a new height.

Following it, we hop onto a motor machine to pump the adrenaline rush. It is the time to venture into the most awaited adventurous activity.

Hold onto your hats and shades, strap yourself securely to the seats, and maintain a firm grip as our skilled driver takes you on a wild, heart-pounding adventure of dune-bashing. Perhaps it is a rollercoaster ride but in the sand. The ride is going to leave you screaming, grinning and breathless as the driver makes steep drops on the dunes and sharp turns navigating the rugged desert.

Catch your breath as the vehicle stops atop a tall dune to witness the stunning sunset view. To be present in this moment is magical! Observe the sky turn into a masterpiece as the sun dips below the horizon. Indeed, this sunset scene is going to leave you captivated by nature. However, don't miss the opportunity to capture this moment.

As you stand watching the darkness take over, enjoy a warm cup of authentic Arabic coffee, aromatic tea and flavourful fresh dates. The rich hospitality of the boudin people will definitely enhance your experience in the desert.

Following it, partake in the last adventurous activity for the day. Sandboarding and sand skiing are ideal for travellers seeking extra thrill in the desert. Don your gear and glide down the dunes! Worry not- our expert tour guides will provide the necessary guidelines and safety measures to ensure you enjoy a thrilling experience without any stress. So, irrespective of age and experience level, with the assistance of our tour guides, you can try this activity too.

Then, get ready for a memorable photoshoot in the desert with the Arabic attire. After an exhausting fun-filled day, you are treated to a delicious and flavourful hot BBQ dinner.

Before going to sleep, take a moment to appreciate the twinkling beauties above you. Engaging in stargazing activity might seem not so happening, but, it will leave a lasting impact on your spirit. The mesmerizing beauty of the sparkling stars will leave you awestruck!

Away from the city lights and busy lifestyle, a cosy tent in the desert awaits you. Equipped with a sleeping bag and pillows, you can drift out to a comfortable sleep under the starry night.

Only to be woken by the sound of the dawn breeze. Witness the sunrise, bringing in light to the dark-filled vastness of the sand. As the desert comes to life, you will notice the sand particles glistening with a stain of gold.

Indulge yourself in a delicious breakfast and enjoy your last meal of the private overnight desert camping alasfar lake tour. Once you are ready, our driver will drop you off at your preferred location.

The overnight desert safari in alasfar lake ensures you relish the best excursion in the desert during the day and the night. So, seize this opportunity to explore the desert and book your tour with us today! Our overnight desert safari cost is not so high, making it affordable to all, and promising to make every moment count.

Here are a few reasons why our overnight alasfar lake desert safari tours are an ideal choice for your desert expedition:

  • Spending a night in the desert permits you to develop a deeper connection with nature.
  • The play of glow and shadows during sunset and sunrise is captivating. Perhaps, it is a dream of every photographer to capture this stunning view in this magnificent location.
  • The overnight safari offers an unmatchable experience of stargazing, which is next to impossible in the urban regions.


  • Transport in 4x4 vehicle
  • Visit the camel farm
  • Dune bashing session
  • Top dune sun set picture
  • Camel riding session
  • Arabic coffee, tea and dates
  • Water and Soft Drinks
  • Arabic Costume Photoshoot
  • Sand boarding & skiing
  • Hot BBQ Dinner
  • Stargazing, sitting on dark desert
  • Unlimited shisha
  • Bedouin Tent Stay
  • Pillows & sleeping bags
  • Sunrise View
  • Morning Breakfast

Departure/Return Location

  • Anywhere in Dammam City Hotels, Malls, Residence & Dammam Airport

Tour Duration

  • 16 Hours

Tour Prices

  • Per Person : 899 SAR

Additional Informations

  • Guests are kindly requested to remain at the hotel lobby or by the malls for pick up.
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences