Overnight Camping in Al Ula

999 SAR


Immerse yourself in an incredible Arabian excursion with overnight camping in Al Ula. The luxury overnight camping Al Ula is a must-do activity for all thrill-seekers wanting to have an exciting trip in Saudi Arabia.

At first view, Saudi Arabia is known as a holy city with prominent religious significance. Hajj and Umrah tours bring great value to the country. However, there are several adventure tours in Saudi Arabia too. One of them is the overnight camping tours. If you are seeking a private overnight camping alula is the perfect site.

Al Ula, an untouched hidden treasure, lies in the North West of Saudi Arabia. This region comprises ancient wonders, picturesque captivating landscapes, fascinating and rich history, tourist attractions and much more!

Hence, this land is rapidly becoming a great tourist spot, and what better way to explore and immerse yourself in its beauty than with Alula night stay camping? Book your tour now and join us on board as we take you for a comfortable overnight stay in Alula! Experience the enchanting desert and the sparkling glory of the Arabian stars with an affordable and cheap stay in Alula.

Indeed, our overnight farm stay in Al Ula is an introduction to luxury away from the city lights and modern tech. Camping Stay Alula manages to attract tourists from all across the globe. Whether you are a thrill-seeking individual or want to explore nature at new heights, camping in the desert satisfies all your needs!

Perhaps Al Ula is famously known for its Madain Saleh, towering sand cliffs, and exceptional rock formations. Thus, to fully appreciate the serene vistas of Al Ula, get on board with us as we take you on a voyage of an unforgettable adventure!

Tour Description

After confirming your camping in Al Ula tour with us, be ready to create unforgettable memories.

Our driver will pick you up from the AL Ula airport or any other location of your choice in Al Ula. Enjoy a relaxing ride in a private 4X4 vehicle. As you reach the desert, our tour guide will meet you there.

Here is what you can expect in your Overnight Camping in Al Ula

Delicious grilled Arabian dinner

Feast on the authentic flavours of the Arabian land with our mouthwatering dinner cuisine. Al Ula promises a unique dining experience under the blanket of the twinkling stars. Watch our professional chef make a fresh meal and savour a wide variety platter from Hot BBQ, juicy grilled kebabs, and marinated meats, to fragrant rice dishes, salads, freshly baked flatbreads, and much more!

The tranquil serenity, the tantalizing aroma and the warm ambience of the dinner setting make it one of the finest experiences in life.


As the sun sets, putting the vast endless desert to sleep, our campfire becomes the main highlight of our camping experience in Al Ula. The crackling flames set the perfect mood to relax, unwind and connect with nature. Besides, here you get to hear the never-ending stories from other fellow travellers. Perhaps an ideal spot to spend some quality time and create loving memories.

Stargazing activities

Away from the city lights and tall buildings, the clear, vast, endless sky above the desert provides an incredible opportunity for stargazing. Our tour guides will point out the constellations and cosmos. Engage in this marvellous activity and experience the divine beauty of the stars.

Tent is your new home

Get yourself comfortable in the cosy tents and relax. The gentle desert breeze, the tranquil serenity and the wilderness create an extraordinary sleeping atmosphere. Hence, enjoy a peaceful night's sleep beneath the shining stars.

Stunning sunrise views

Grab the rare opportunity to witness the desert waking up from the dark. As the sun rises above the horizon, its first rays hit the dunes casting a golden shadow. This timeless magic of the desert is everlasting, creating a stunning view at the sunrise.

Delicious breakfast

Following the sunrise, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast that will keep you energized for the day! Soon later, our driver will drop you off at your preferred location.

Here is what you can expect with our Overnight Camping in Al Ula tour package

  • Hassle-free transportation

  • To guarantee you have an easy and friendly adventure experience, we provide pickup and drop-off services for your convenience. Our experienced driver will pick you up from Al Ula airport or any other point in Al Ula and transfer you to the place where the adventure for the night begins! After an adventurous stay in the desert, our driver will drop you off at your preferred location in Al Ula.

    Hence, you won't have to worry about the directions, booking a taxi, or navigating, as our driver will take you through a luxurious and relaxing ride in an air-conditioned vehicle.

  • Camping gear

  • The main component of a thriving camping experience is quality camping gear. That is why we provide you with premium quality camping equipment, such as tents, bedding, and much more to ensure you have a comfortable night away from home.

    Whether you are a seasonal camper or new to the camping concept, our excellent choice of camping gear will make you feel at home and provide a peaceful sleep!

  • Unlimited access to water and snacks

  • The desert's weather can be very harsh and dry. Hence, it can increase the risk of dehydration and heat stroke. Therefore, we provide you with water and other snacks to keep you refreshed throughout.

  • Expert tour guide

  • The vastness of the desert hides a lot of treasures. Hence, our expert tour guide is there to help you unfold these surprises and unveil the true beauty of the desert. Their experience in this field gives a winning edge, as they will guide and assist you correctly in navigating through the desert. From geology, desert wildlife, hidden beauty, and historical spots to flora and fauna, our tour guide will take you through the best routes to ensure you witness the whole splendour of Al Ula. Besides that, they will also keep you engaged by imparting fascinating facts and knowledge about the region!


  • Pick up & Drop off from your location
  • Visit Al Ula view
  • Hiking and taking sunset pictures
  • Water & Soft Drinks
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Snacks
  • Grill BBQ Dinnner
  • Watching Stargazing
  • Warm Fire
  • Tent, Pillow and Sleeping bags
  • Breakfast

Departure/Return Location

  • Anywhere in Al Ula City Hotels, Malls, Residence & Al Ula Airport

Tour Duration

  • 20 Hours

Tour Prices

  • Per Person : 999 SAR (Minimum 4 Person)
  • Per Children : 799 SAR (4-15 Years)

Important Informations

  • Children less than 4 years not allowed for this tour.
  • Guests are kindly requested to remain at the hotel lobby or by the malls for pick up.
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences
  • Warm clothing is recommended during the winter season (September to April)