Historical Al Ukhdood Archaeological Tour

1999 SAR


Are you one of those who is a true explorer at heart and values discovering things and going to their roots? Then, this Historical Al Ukhdood Archaeological Tour from Abha is ideal for you as it unveils the ancient mysteries of the Al Ukhdood.

Situated in the heart of Saudi Arabia's exquisite region, the historical site of Al Ukhdood stands as a testament to the rich history that flows through the entire Arabian Peninsula. Perhaps this archaeological treasure engulfed in rich history and mysteries draws tourists from all across the globe. Especially, those travellers, who seek unique knowledge through an enthralling adventure.

Join us on this captivating Historical Trip to Al Ukhdood as we take you back in time and reveal the minors and majors that make this region a must-visit tourist spot in the Gulf.

Get on board with us today and reserve your spot on this journey as we take you through the picturesque route of Abha and the cultural assets of Al Ukhdood. Our roundtrip Archaeological Tours from Abha is about 12 hours long.

The Unseen of Al Ukhdood

The Al Ukhdood site is also known as "The Trenches." As we set our journey through the scenic routes of Abha to discover the hidden mystery of Al Ukhdood, you will sense a strong anticipation build in you.

This region holds significant historical events dating back over 1400 years. Besides, it is said that these events are also mentioned in the Holy Book - The Quran, adding great significance for religious worshippers, historians and archaeologists.

What is the connection of this area with the Holy Book of the Quran?

The location of Al Ukhdood is mentioned in chapter 85 of Surah Al Burooj in the Quran. The chapter retells the tale of early believers who had to face immense persecution. The mention of Al Ukhdood in the Quran with religious texts adds an aura of great respect, significance, and importance to the location.

Wonders of Al Ukhdood's Architecture

By delving deeper into the location of Al Ukhdood, you can discover the captivating evidence of amazing ancient structures and architectural foundations carved into this earth. Standing amid this ancient ambience, it almost becomes apparent as you feel you are being transported back in time to witness the beauty of that era.

The untold story of civilizations

Grab the opportunity to explore the region with us and have an experience of a lifetime. This expedition sheds light on the lesser-known aspects of Al Ukhdood's history. Despite the availability of unlimited information about the historical events that took place in the land of Al Ukhdood the civilization and cultural heritage of this region have been neglected.

In our tour, we try to solve this by deeply exploring and closely observing the daily life, culture, customs and beliefs of the people who call this land their home. By doing so, we aim to restore the overlooked existence and draw a clear picture of their rich cultural heritage.

After a journey full of ancient learnings in the area of Al Ukhdood, we end the tour as we return to Abha, carrying all the significance of this incredible region with us. Indeed, Al Ukhdood is more than just a historical site, its serene ambience makes one connect with the archaeology and gives a glimpse of the ancient era.

What better way to explore the region of Al Ukhdood than with our tour? We take you through the hidden routes, the historical ruins and the traditions and cultures of Al Ukhdood to give you the best insightful experience.

Tour Description

The amazing tour begins in the morning with a convenient and hassle-free pickup from your preferred location in Abha. Our friendly driver will pick you up in an air-conditioned vehicle at 8:00 AM and take you on a drive towards the end destination - Al Ukhdood. Enjoy the mesmerizing picturesque journey as we leave Abha and make our way towards Al Ukhdood. As we get closer to the end destination, you will begin to feel the adrenaline rush build in you.

Take hold of your exploration avatar as we begin to explore our first location in Al Ukhdood. Stroll through the archaeological sites that tell the history dating back to the era of King Himyar and his kingdom. Furthermore, we will also visit the national museum to learn and see the evidence-based narrative of the ancient period.

Following that, we will visit the land's famous castles, functioning as a bridge between the past and the present. Discovering these palaces and their details will take you back in time. The following places are a few prominent visits, such as the Castle of Rome, Emara Palace, Qasr Al Ana and a few others.

Did you know?

Emara Palace, situated in the centre of the City of Najran, was built in 1944. Moreover, it is constructed on an archaic well.

After the visits, we will enjoy a drive to Wadi Najran. Perhaps it is known as one of the largest valleys in the entire Arabian Peninsula. Relish this ride and capture the stunning views. After that, the last stop for the day is at the city's biggest park - King Fahd Park.

After experiencing a satisfying evening at the park, we will return to Abha. Our driver will drop you off at your preferred location in Abha.

Visit our website and browse the list of our Historical tours in Saudi Arabia and book your Al Ukhdood tour package today. Take this opportunity to indulge in an experience of a lifetime!

Tour Itinerary

  • Round transport from your preferred location in Abha.
  • Visit Archaeological sites in Al Ukhdood.
  • Visit the national museum.
  • Visit castles such as Castle of Rome, Emara Palace, Qasrv Al Ana & few others.
  • Wadi Najran valley.
  • Visit King Fahd park.

Departure/Return Location

  • Anywhere in Abha city Hotels, Malls, Residence & Abha Airport

Tour Duration

  • 12 Hours

Tour Prices

  • For 2 Person : 1999 SAR
  • Group Booking Price will be Different

Additional Informations

  • Guests are kindly requested to remain at the hotel lobby or by the malls for pick up.
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences
  • Warm clothing is recommended during the winter season (September to April)