Desert Horse Riding Tour Jeddah

499 SAR


Hop onto the majestic animal of the land, and seize the opportunity to explore the region in a remarkable style. Our Jeddah desert horse trekking tours offer you this chance to gallop through an adventure of a lifetime!

As the sun rises from dawn, we take you for a Morning Desert Horse Trekking in Jeddah to explore the vastness of this desert. As you mount on this magical creature and gallop your way forward amid the golden dunes, you will feel like a true explorer discovering the hidden beauty of this land. Perhaps with each gallop, you will endure a surge of adrenaline rushing through your veins. And feel the sense of ancient tales coming to life!

If you dare to be a part of this exciting Horse ride Jeddah tour; then book your excursion with us today! We make sure to add the right touch of thrill and experience to make your trip to Jeddah- highly memorable!

Jeddah, a city positioned along the scenic Red Sea coast, offers far more than just its stunning beaches, vibrant culture and rich traditions. For all those courageous at heart, Jeddah's breathtaking desert provides an invitation to set off on an unforgettable journey through its dunes and arid landscapes! Such an example is the enthralling Desert Horse Riding Jeddah tour package that ideally combines both - the elegance of horseback ride and the raw beauty of Jeddah! Why wait any longer? Contact our team right away, and have your Desert Horse riding Jeddah tour booked! For sure, you will create lasting memories from this expedition. Also, our tour package has other facilities included, so keep reading below to learn more.


The horse trekking Jeddah experience is no short of a one-in-a-lifetime experience! You might be thinking it is one of those horse rides found in the town, but it is not! The magic of riding a majestic Arabian horse on the sandy surface is only understood when experienced.

Worry not! Whether you are a novice or an experienced horse rider - the tour caters to all! Besides, with our expert tour guides and their safety instructions, all are organised to have a fair experience in the desert Horse safari Jeddah has to offer.

Your getaway adventure in the desert begins with a comfy and convenient pick-up from your hotel or your preferred choice of location in Jeddah. You will feel the excitement fill you as you leave the city boundaries in the morning and make your way towards the desert. The journey itself is an adventurous ride as our driver takes you through a scenic route portraying the breathtaking vistas of this region.

We offer the pick-up and drop-off service beyond just transfers between the locations. We also ensure you are in good hands by securing your safety.

Upon reaching the destination, our private 4X4 vehicle will halt. There, our tour guide will greet you and serve welcome drinks. As you sip on this welcome drink take in the safety instructions and briefing for the day's program.

A key element stressed in this briefing is the risk factor of dehydration in the harsh and hot climate of the desert. Thus, it is crucial to stay hydrated throughout the journey. Furthermore, we give access to and deliver unlimited water and other energy drinks in our tour package to ensure you stay hydrated with ease.

Following the briefing, the adventure for the day begins! Don your safety gear, mount on the glorious creature and discover the beauty of the desert. Our tour guide will accompany you to make sure you have an enriching experience without compromising safety. Furthermore, they will also impart fascinating facts and information about the area as you make your way through the magnificent desert landscape. Perhaps each step forward will bring a cinematic impression, leaping you through time and replaying the historical events.

As the wind brushes through your skin, the sand shifts beneath, and the hooves leave a print on the surface- you will feel a sense of achievement and freedom with every step forward.

Riding along the hidden routes of the desert, witnessing the captivating vistas, glimpsing flora and fauna, and the desert wildlife in their natural habitat gives you the opportunity to have an exclusive adventure in the deserts.

After a thrilling ride on horseback for an hour, our tour package has more for you! Get ready for another thrill-packed adventure as we allow you to surf the marvellous dunes of this desert. Yes, you read it right! It is an ideal activity for those seeking to challenge their sporty spirits! After the horse trekking desert safari, add the extra dose of fun and have your heart pumping faster than ever as you glide down the dunes with sand boarding activity!

Following this fun activity of skating the dunes of different heights, the adventures for the day mark an end. However, it is not over yet! Right before you leave this spectacular desert landscape, partake in our unique photoshoot. What is so special about it? You get to don the authentic traditional attires of the Arabs and step into their culture. What better way than this to capture and freeze your moment in the desert? So, select your choice of attire from the collection and pose against the stunning desert backdrop.

Lastly, we call it a day in the desert and head back to the city. Our driver will drop you off at your preferred location.

This tour package offers the perfect blend of thrill, culture and natural magnificence of the desert. It is a complete package to experience the desert with a graceful ride on the horse, the surfing of the dunes and the fascinating connection with nature. So get ready to saddle up and explore the heart of Jeddah. Book your tour with us and have an unforgettable venture in the desert!


  • Transport in 4x4 vehicle
  • Water and soft drinks at camp
  • One hour Horse Trekking
  • Sand Boarding
  • Arabic Costume and photoshoot

Departure/Return Location

  • Anywhere in Jeddah city Hotels, Malls, Residence & Jeddah Airport

Tour Duration

  • 60 Minutes

Tour Prices

  • Per Person : 499 SAR

Additional Informations

  • Guests are kindly requested to remain at the hotel lobby or by the malls for pick up
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences
  • Warm clothing is recommended during the winter season (September to April)