Best Way to Get Around in Saudi Arabia

Transportation is an essential aspect of every travel, which is why you need to plan your transportation during your holiday in Saudi Arabia carefully. Lucky for you getting around Saudi Arabia is not a problem. There are many modes of transportation available in the country so you can easily pick the easiest and the most convenient way to travel around within your budget.

Whether you have planned your travels with a tour operator or you are exploring Saudi own your own, a good transportation plan to get around is crucial to enjoying a hassle-free holiday -Because a small 5 minutes delay can ruin your entire plan for the day.

In this article, we share all about the best ways to get around Saudi Arabia and how to find a good transportation partner. Let’s dive in.

01 Getting Around in Saudi Arabia

Getting around in Saudi Arabia

Some ways to get around Saudi Arabia are buses, trains and taxis. You can also choose air travel as now it's a common transportation option in many major cities in Saudi Arabia.

When you are on your Saudi Arabia holiday, it is important that you plan your transportation depending on where you are travelling to, with whom you are travelling, your expectations and your budget.

02 Getting Around in Saudi Arabia by Air

Getting around in Saudi Arabia by air

If you are moving in-between cities and you don’t have a lot of time to spend on the road, air travel is the best option for you. There are domestic airports in almost all the main cities in Saudi; thus, you can easily travel in between cities by air. Airlines currently operates in Saudi Arabia are Saudia, Flynas, Mid East Jet and Saudi Gulf. Air travel can be very time saving giving you more time for your Saudi adventures.

03 Getting Around Saudi Arabia By Rail

Getting Around Saudi Arabia By Rail

The railway network of Saudi Arabia currently connects Riyadh, Al-Hofuf and Dammam. You can easily find regular trains throughout the day in-between cities. This is one of the cheapest ways to get around. Especially if you are doing your travels on your own. Railway travels also give you the opportunity to experience the local lifestyle and interact more with locals during your railway journey, which can always be a plus.

04 Getting Around in Saudi Arabia by Road

Getting around in Saudi Arabia by road

Road network of Saudi Arabia is very efficient, and you can easily travel anywhere by road. You can take the bus if you are looking for a cheaper option. You can hire a taxi service in Saudi Arabia if you like to travel with privacy and in comfort. You will easily be able to understand how bus transportation works in Saudi Arabia while you are in the country.

However, if you are planning to travel by taxi, you will have to do a little bit more research before you make a booking. Here it’s important that you find a reliable taxi service provider in Saudi Arabia who has experience in handling tourists. Here are few of the things you need to keep in mind when you are selecting your taxi service in Saudi.

  • Experience
  • Experience is one of the most important things you could look for when you are looking for a good transportation service in Saudi. You could easily find a bunch of transportation services in Saudi with a simple google search. Make sure to do background research on each of the companies. You can visit their website and check their social media pages. Pick up the phone and ask about their experience if you have to.

  • Fleet of Vehicles
  • Usually, good taxi service in Saudi Arabia offers you a range of vehicles for you to pick from. Make sure your service provider has the necessary vehicles to accommodate your requirements. Maybe you are travelling with your family, a large group of people or on a business trip and need a sophisticated vehicle.

  • Inclusions
  • Have a clear understanding of what comes with your package and what doesn't. For an example taxi services in Saudi Arabia of free waiting time for a certain period of time. Learn about the free addons day offer. to give you an example taxi services offer toddler seats for free. This way you will have a clear understanding of what is included and not included in your package so you will be able to avoid on person confusion later on.

  • Testimonials
  • Testimonials are one of the most effective ways to understand the service of your transportation solution provider in Saudi. You will be able to easily find what their client says about them on their website and their social media pages. You can even check for travel review sites such as TripAdvisor as most of the reliable taxi services in Saudi Arabia has an excellent online presence. However, here is important that you don't judge a service just by one negative review as everyone can have a bad day.

  • Compare
  • The best way to find the best price for your taxi service booking in Saudi Arabia is to collect quotations from a few taxi services and find the best deal. You can easily request a quotation through their website, or you can contact them over the phone and collect more details and get a quotation.

  • Charges
  • Some taxi services in Saudi Arabia charge on an hourly basis while others charge per kilometre. However, there are other pricing models too. Make sure to pick a service that offers the most convenient pricing model for your requirement.

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