Al Ula Stargazing Night Experience Tour

650 SAR


Challenge your sporty spirit and venture on a daring adventure in the dark night guided by the star trails! Beneath the canopy of sparkling stars, our voyage becomes ethereal. The wild night sky inspires one to explore deep into the desert. As every sparkling star is a security, every constellation is a map, guiding through to connect with the divine nature and its universe. These twinkling companions illuminate the path, and the gentle breeze of the desert whispers the heavenly tales, as you go further into the desert.

Perhaps if you are searching for Alula things to do, the moonlit nights experience Alula offers is a must-do! Hence, why wait any longer? Our Alula stargazing night experience unveils the mysteries of Al Ula's Night Sky. Book your tour with us today and experience one of the best adventure tours in Saudi Arabia!

If you are in Saudi Arabia, visit Al Ula. Al Ula is a captivating kingdom that lies in the heart of Saudi Arabia and attracts tourists from all across the globe. The unique region nestled in the holy country is famously renowned for its ancient rich past blending with stunning modern beauty! Indeed, Al Ula offers one of the best historical tours in Saudi Arabia, allowing you to travel in time with a twist.

The rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes offer a variety of tours in Alula. A few of them are desert safaris, adventure tours, city tours, Alula stargazing tours, and much more. From archaeological wonders to enchanting deserts, as you make it through the dunes, you will learn insights into the traditions, customs and rich past that forms the city of Al Ula. Hence, discover the beauty of this incredible region with our stargazing tour!

Swap away from your screens and stare at the divine beauty! With our Alula stargazing night experience.

Tour Description

Here is what you can expect

  • Astonishing stargazing activity

  • As the sun sets below the horizon awakening the night, the adventure of the Moonlit Nights experience in Al Ula begins. This unmatchable experience lets you discover and unveil the untouched beauty of the desert under the twinkling blanket. Indeed, the remote location of this region makes this experience remarkable!

    Away from the bustling city lifestyle and the air pollution, the vast never-ending sky promises a fantastic opportunity to engage in stargazing activity. Besides, our expert tour guides draw your attention to the celestial and impart interesting facts!

  • A delicious Arabian dinner

  • Indulge yourself in a fine dining experience under the sparkling stars in the tranquil serenity of the desert. Savour the tantalizing Arabian flavours with our hot BBQ and grilled meat platter. Perhaps this dining experience is going to be etched in your memories forever!

  • Pick up and drop off services

  • Our tour package includes hassle-free transportation services to ensure you have the most satisfactory adventure experience. Upon confirming your Alula stargazing tour with us, you will not have to worry about transportation. Our expert driver will come and pick you up from Al Ula airport or any preferred location in Al Ula and drive you to the desert.

  • Expert tour guide

  • The vastness of the desert hides a lot of treasures. Hence, our expert tour guide is there to help you unfold these surprises and unveil the true beauty of the desert. Their experience in this field gives a winning edge, as they will guide and assist you correctly in navigating through the desert. From geology, desert wildlife, hidden beauty, and historical spots to flora and fauna, our tour guide will take you through the best routes to ensure you witness the whole splendour of Al Ula. Besides that, they will also keep you engaged by imparting fascinating facts and knowledge about the region!

    Enjoy a safe and cosy ride in a private airconditioned 4X4 vehicle.

Whether you are a seasonal astronomer or a newbie starring at the glorious beauty- the stargazing activity gives all a phenomenal experience. Unquestionably, the stargazing in Al Ula tour allows you to connect with nature uniquely. Hence, book your spot now and get on board with us to create unforgettable memories!

Here are a few fun facts about the stargazing activity that is the highlight of the Alula stargazing night experience

Celestial Time Machine

During the stargazing activity, we travel back in time when we look up at the stars. Hence, some stars we look at are of the past and are burned out. Yet, we see them because the light is still travelling to space and taking time to reach us.

Clear skies with twinkling glory

The urban skies severely impact the stargazing activity as those areas are affected by pollution. Hence, the unaffected skies above the Arabian sands offer an incredible opportunity to engage in stargazing activity.

Meteor showers and shooting stars

Stargazing can lead to unexpected surprises. From the captivating shooting stars to witnessing the meteor shower, where multiple shooting stars blaze across the sky- the stargazing activity is a treat for all.

Celestial navigation

From the ancient age to modern times, people have used the stars for navigation for centuries. For example, the mariners relied on the constellations, like the Polaris (The North Star), to determine the directions at the sea. Thus, stargazing is more than an activity just for fun. It was an essential skill for early explorers.

The dance of planets

Stargazing activity is not limited to stars and meteor showers. If you get lucky, you can even see the planets from the bare eyes. For instance, you can observe the following planets of our solar system, such as Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Our expert guide will also help you spot these planets.

Universal connection

The vastness of the sky and the tiny sizes of the stars form an ideal way to make us feel small in the scheme of the universe. It definitely leaves one in awe. Furthermore, it is also a humbling and incredibly inspiring activity that has positively impacted every participant.

Do you wish to partake in this activity and encounter a unique experience? Then book your tour with us today!


  • 05:00 PM - Pick up from your location
  • 06:00 PM - Reach to Setup location
  • 07:30 PM - Start the stargazing or Moonlit experience
  • 08:30 PM - Hot BBQ Dinner is served
  • 09:30 PM - Wrap up and head out
  • 11:00 PM - Drop Back to your location

Departure/Return Location

  • Anywhere in Al Ula City Hotels, Malls, Residence & Al Ula Airport

Tour Duration

  • 6 Hours

Tour Prices

  • Per Person : 650 SAR (Minimum 4 Person)

Additional Informations

  • Guests are kindly requested to remain at the hotel lobby or by the malls for pick up.
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences
  • Warm clothing is recommended during the winter season (September to April)