Adventures Trip to Wadi Lajab

1499 SAR


Explore the hidden treasure with Wadi Lajab tours, An adventure from Abha to Wadi Lajab. Situated in the picturesque southern region of Saudi Arabia; lies the captivating Wadi Lajab, an untouched beauty that attracts nature enthusiasts and adrenaline-seeker alike. This hidden location, a little far from Abha, showcases the natural splendour of the Arabian Peninsula in all its glory.

On this Adventure Trip to Wadi Lajab, we will embark on an extraordinary expedition, enthralling ourselves in the unique intricacies to create a fantastic experience. Indeed, it is one of the best adventure tours in Saudi Arabia!

Wadi Lajab is a must-visit destination for those wanting to have an authentic experience in Suadi Arabia. So, pack your bags and hop on, as we take you through a trip with unforgettable experiences. Book your excursion with us and reserve your seat for the Wadi Lajab historical tour.


Get ready to venture on an unforgettable journey to Wadi Lajab. The journey begins with a pickup from Abha early in the morning. Abha is the stunning capital of the Asir Province. It is famously known for its breathtaking scenery and pleasant weather conditions. Abha region creates the perfect mood to begin your adventure.

Be sure to pack the necessary items for your trip, such as comfy clothing, adequate sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. More importantly: enough water to keep you hydrated throughout. Furthermore, don't forget to carry snacks, medicines, etc., as Wadi Lajab is a remote region with fewer shops and limited facilities.

Our first stop will be at the traditional market of Abha. You can enjoy breakfast here, with authentic Arabic coffee, tea, and flavourful fresh dates.

The journey to Wadi Lajab from Abha itself is an exciting experience. It is approximately a drive of 2-3 hours. The moment you leave Abha, you will notice that mesmerizing nature and landscape unfolding in front of your eyes. Make sure to capture this stunning beauty of the Saudi region, the villages and the majestic Asir Mountains.

As you draw nearer to Wadi Lajab, the scenery goes through a magnificent transformation. You will see the scenic landscape slowly fading out and witness a view of an incredible, rugged terrain adorned with rocky canyons and mountains. With every moment coming closer to the destination, you will feel an intensifying adrenaline rush run through your veins.

Upon reaching the destination, you will find yourself captivated by the sight of the beauty that stands in front of your eyes.

The 4x4 off-road excursion through the rocky terrains and narrow passages will leave your heart pumping fast and adrenaline rushing through your veins.

The most awaited adventure begins as you immerse yourself in the expedition and explore the stunning valley of Wadi Lajab. Even after being situated in the heart of the desert, the Wadi Lajab is remarkably known for its intricate network of streams, countless small waterfalls, natural pools, lush greenery, and flora and fauna. Marvel at the delicate flowers with their vibrant colour against the rocky surroundings.

Our expert tour guide will impart fascinating facts and interesting history of this place as you trek through the hidden treasure of Wadi Lajab.

After a tiring hike through the canyons, enjoy a picnic lunch amid the pristine surroundings and murmur sound of the streams and waterfalls. Indeed, this nature's setting creates the perfect magical dining experience.

For those thrill-seeking enthusiasts looking to add some fun to their expedition, Wadi Lajab is the ideal location. This location offers a range of activities, such as rock climbing, abseiling, hiking, swimming in natural ponds, confidence jumping and much more! There is something for everyone! Our expert guides will customize and recommend activities suitable to your skill levels to ensure you have a safe and enthralling experience.

As the day comes to an end, watch the stunning sunset amid the rocky surroundings. After witnessing such a spectacular view, you will be dropped off at your preferred location in Abha.

Indeed, the journey to Wadi Lajab from Abha is an unforgettable adventure. Every moment will make you marvel at the spectacular nature of Mother Earth. This tour is a complete package for those seeking to make the most of their expedition. The region of Wadi Lajab offers a perfect blend of the untouched magnificence of nature, the rich cultural and traditional heritage and adrenaline-pumping activities. Book your tour with us today and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

Tour Itinerary

  • The journey will start from Abha, at 7. 00 AM to Wadi Lajab.
  • The hike is approximately four hours long.
  • There will be several stop-points at dramatic viewpoints to capture the breathtaking beauty of Wadi Lajab.
  • One can also engage in thrilling activities like swimming, rock climbing, hiking, etc.
  • Watch a marvellous sunset from the black mountain.
  • Drop off to Abha at your preferred location.

Did you know?

  • Wadi Lajab is a valley situated between two mountains in Saudi Arabia, near Jazan.
  • Wadi Lajab is also known as "heaven in the desert" due to its incredible natural beauty.
  • The valley in Wadi Lajab is about 11-15 KM long.
  • The steep sides are as high as 300- 800 meters in some areas and narrow, and dramatically low and deep in other parts.
  • The steep sides of the mountains are covered in moss, creating an atmosphere of hanging gardens.
  • It has a never-ending supply of fresh and crystal-clear water.

Departure/Return Location

  • Anywhere in Abha city Hotels, Malls, Residence & Abha Airport

Tour Duration

  • 7-8 Hours

Tour Prices

  • Single Person : 1499 SAR
  • 2-3 Person : 1249 SAR
  • Group Booking Price will be Different

Additional Informations

  • Guests are kindly requested to remain at the hotel lobby or by the malls for pick up.
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences
  • Warm clothing is recommended during the winter season (September to April)