Jeddah Layover Tour


Enhance your layover duration by escaping in the charm of Jeddah. This vibrant city tucked away in the Red Sea coastline of Saudi Arabia allows you to make the most of your time during a stopover in Jeddah. Grab this opportunity to experience the best of Jeddah, with its rich cultural history, timeless modernity and breathtaking natural wonders.

Whether you have an entire day or just a few hours, our experts provide customised tour packages to ensure you create unforgettable memories on your Jeddah layover tour.

If you are interested in a layover tour, here are some tour highlights and package information which will help you curate your Jeddah stopover tour.

Tour Highlights

The Historical District of Jeddah

Al-Balad, a historical heart of Jeddah, tells the tales of the ancient era. You can take a stroll through the narrow valleys and discover the local culture, the coral houses, the rich heritage, the traditional architecture, intricate wooden structures, the antique souk setting, authentic spices, and so much more!

The Tallest Fountain in the World

Take your camera out and capture the world's tallest fountain, The King Fahd Fountain. Its height reaches up to 300 meters, offering a stunning visual to its spectators. The best time to visit this is during the night, as the dramatic water show lights up against the Red Sea.

The Glories of Jeddah

Visit the Jeddah Regional Museum and learn about the rich past and culture of the city.

Arts and Culture

Witness the lively city's evolving creative spirit by visiting cultural institutes and art galleries. Admire the hidden talents that create the vibrant city of Jeddah.

Discover the Corniche

Witness the lively city's evolving creative spirit by visiting cultural institutes and art galleries. Admire the hidden talents that create the vibrant city of Jeddah.

Floating Mosque

Away from the city's skylines and modern buildings lies Masjid Al Rahma. It is a timeless yet breathtaking architectural wonder built on the Red Sea and is renowned for creating a peaceful atmosphere. Besides, the mosque's reflection captivates all the visitors!

Red Sea Mall

Satisfy all your shopping needs here. The Red Sea Mall is a trendy shopping centre that offers you a wide range of products, from both local and international brands.

Savour the Local Cuisine

Enjoy a culinary experience like no other in the land of Arabia. Indulge in delectable dishes and entice your taste buds with the authentic flavours of this region. From traditional dishes to international cuisine- you can explore a wide range of dishes.

Tour Description

Here is what you need to know when you select our Jeddah stopover tour package.

  • Duration of the Tour
  • You can curate the duration of your tour based on the layover waiting hours you have. However, remember to eliminate a good duration for customs and other airport formalities.

  • Hassle-free Transportation Services
  • We provide Jeddah Airport Layover tour pick-up and drop-off services. Our driver will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the starting point. After the tour ends, they will drop you back to the airport.

  • Expert Tour Guide
  • Our knowledgeable tour guide will keep you engaged during your tours by providing fascinating facts about the region and valuable insights about the culture, history, traditions and tourist attractions. Besides, our expert tour guides speak professional Arabic, as well as English, eliminating any communication barriers.

  • Bespoke Services
  • We understand that no traveller is the same. Hence, we allow you to tailor your tour package according to your preference. You can include additional thrilling activities. Or, you can alter the timings of the activities to fit your layover duration. Talk to our team, and they will guide you further by creating the best layover tour for you.

  • Booking Procedure
  • With our stopover tours, you get to encounter unmatchable experiences in Jeddah. Indeed, Jeddah layover tours deliver a timeless experience, creating unforgettable memories. Explore the beauty of this vibrant city with the following tour package options.

    To book your tour, you can contact us via the website or call us.

Tour Options

  • 1

    Option 01 : Morning Desert Safari Jeddah

    jeddah layover morning desert safari
    jeddah layover morning desert safari

    If you find yourself on a Jeddah Layover tour, make the most of your time by venturing on a morning Desert Safari Jeddah Private Layover Tour and experience a lifetime encounter. The morning desert safari tour is no ordinary desert experience. As the sun rises above the horizon, you will be in awe at the unfolding golden landscape of the Arabian land. The first rays of the day will make the sand dunes dance in golden shadow, creating a surreal experience.

    Find yourself away from the hustling and bustling city life and embrace the magical ambience of the desert with a morning desert safari. Following it, our experienced tour guide will take you on a thrilling adventure with a dune bashing session, an enticing camel ride, and other activities such as sand boarding and sand skiing. Furthermore, you can also savour the taste of Arabia with a delicious breakfast.

  • 2

    Option 02 : Evening Desert Safari Jeddah

    jeddah layover evening desert safari
    jeddah layover evening desert safari

    Whether you are on a Jeddah Transit Tour or a trip to Jeddah- an evening desert safari is not to be missed! This adventure promises an unforgettable experience with its magical setting, stunning vistas and thrilling activities. Perhaps this desert safari is more than just the endless landscape of towering dunes. Watch the sky break into hues of red as the sun dips over the horizon. This captivating moment will leave you in awe, demanding the scenic beauty to be captured forever!

    During your sunset desert safari tour, treat yourself to other thrilling experiences that will fetch a permanent memory in your lifetime. Then, indulge yourself in the flavours of the Arabian land and savour a delicious hot BBQ meal. So, for your Jeddah Stopover excursion, choose an evening desert safari and experience the desert like never before!

  • 3

    Option 03 : Quad Bike Tour Jeddah

    jeddah layover quad bike tour
    jeddah layover quad bike tour

    If you are looking for adrenaline-packed things to do Jeddah has a treasure for thrill seekers. For example, the quad biking Private tours Jeddah has are famously known to guarantee an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Perhaps this adventure is ideal for those seeking to explore the desert with a thrill. Enjoy a lifetime experience by embarking on a quad bike ride through the vast desert landscape. With each passing dune and the winds clashing through the skin, you will see the beauty unfold in front of your eyes.

    Whether you are a seasonal rider or a newbie, these tours are ideal for all skill levels. Indeed, the freedom achieved speeding through the endless canvas of sand dunes is unmatchable!

  • 4

    Option 04 : Jeddah Food Tour

    jeddah layover food tour
    jeddah layover food tour

    Growling stomach in the airport and an abundance of free time? Then you should check out the food Layover tour Jeddah has to offer! Indeed, it is an ideal tour for all food lovers out there! This delightful culinary experience in the heart of Arabian lands gives one an experience like no other. It is the perfect way to treat your taste buds with the diverse and rich flavours of the Arabian land. Encounter a layover Sightseeing Tour Jeddah has to offer with our food tour!

    Mandi (Delicate meat served with slow-cooked rice), Kabsa (spicy rice garnished with chicken or lamb), and delectable seafood dishes are a few authentic mouthwatering dishes not to be missed. From local to international, this vibrant city introduces you to a range of flavours!

  • 5

    Option 05 : Taif City Tour

    jeddah layover taif city tour
    jeddah layover taif city tour

    If you want to explore Saudi Arabia in your layover, select the quick city tour Jeddah package. This package allows you to discover the hidden treasure of this Arabian Region. The Taif city tour is a remarkable excursion that takes you on an adventure with nature and rich history. Situated amid the Asir Mountains, this city is well known for its cool climate and lush greenery. From discovering the ancient and beautiful palaces to venturing into the lively local markets, the city tour guarantees a worthwhile experience.

    Furthermore, you can also partake in activities like mountain climbing and hiking to discover the hidden beauty of this region. Indeed, the Taif city tour is a perfect blend of divine nature and a rich past.