Top 5 Unique Things to do in Al Bahah

Middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia often paint the picture of deserted areas in people’s minds, with no green to be seen anywhere. However, if you pay a visit to Al Bahah, you will be amazed by the greenery you get to experience amidst the harsh deserted terrain. Located in the Hejaz region, Al-Bahah lies in the west of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and known as the ‘Green world of Saudi Arabia’ as the area is rich in lush greenery at every corner. Breaking the stereotype view on Saudi Arabia, Al-Bahah will offer you an amazing fauna life to surround yourself with adding a different travel experience to your adventures in Saudi Arabia.

The majestic mountain range covered in lush greenery along with palm tree groves and the cold climate will make it hard to believe if you are even in Saudi Arabia. So, let’s have a look at the top 5 things-to-do in Al Bahah to have the best travel experience of a lifetime.

01 Qasbah


One of the unique highlights of Al Bahah is the traditional towers called qaṣbah. Designed with Al Bahah architecture which is unique to the area the towers will give you glimpse into the rich culture of the area. Situated on hilltops like watchtowers, many still argue on the function of the Qusabah towers. Although many experts suggest that the towers have built as lookouts others suggest that they were kept, or even granaries. Regardless of what the towers were used for in the past, Qasabah is one of the must witness constructions if you are ever to visit Al Bahah.

02 Marble Village

Marble village

The charming village of Zee Al-Ayn is one of the hidden jewels of Al Bahah and even in Saudi Arabia that will show another unique side of the country. Renowned as the marble village, the place attracts tourists in thousands every year with its captivating beauty. Situated beneath a giant granite mountain or the marble mountain, the village present you one of the most beautiful sunsets you can ever experience in Saudi. The lush palm tree groves and small water streams compliment the beauty of this rural village while the rural lifestyle of the area unfolds the cultural essence of the area. The village has a history that runs back to 400 years old and also has some ancient stone constructions where local Bedouins used to live at the time.

03 Sheikh Muhammad Bin Mosbeh Museum

Sheikh Muhammad Bin Mosbeh Museum

For those who are more interested in exploring the history of Al Bahah, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Musbih Museum must be on the top of your things-to-do list in Al Bahah. The place is the ideal to start your heritage, cultural and historical exploration during your visit to the area. With many artefacts such as tools, utensils, ruins, arts and ancient crafts, the museum showcases the history of the area at its best. Make sure to visit the place with a guide so you could learn all the exciting stories behind all the artefacts in the museum.

04 Al-Bahah Souq

Al-Bahah Souq

One of the best places to experience the authentic culture in any area you visit in Saudi Arabia is a Souk. Which is why exploring the Al Bahah souk always make to the things-to-do list of travellers who visit the area. The traditional market that similar to most of the souks in Saudi still has some unique experiences to offer you that will create some unforgettable travel adventures to your Saudi Tour.

Located on the coastal strip of Tihama, the souk is one of the largest traditional souks in the area. From different items such as fresh produce, household items, textiles, livestock, birds, handicrafts, carpets, to jewellery the souk is the best place shop for your souvenirs to take home.

05 Baljureshi


If you are in the hunt for mind-blowing sceneries, Baljureshi is one of the must-visit places for you in Al Bahah. The dramatic viewpoint that gives you the glimpse into the natural wonders of the area often leave travellers from around the globe speechless. If you are up for a hike, you can climb the majestic mountain of Jebel Heznah to get rewarded by the amazing view that it offers you that runs till your eyes can see. The lush greenery with the mountainous landscapes will make you don’t want to leave the place.

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If you are looking for something different to experience during your visit to Saudi than desert and sand dunes, Al Bahah is the best place for you to explore with a day tour. Plan your tour in Al Bahah with us to explore the area in style with the best guides. Taking you to the best places you like to explore in Al Bahah, we’ll show All Bahah like no other.