Top 6 Things to do in Tabuk

Tabuk is one of the top places travellers like to visit during their visit in Saudi Arabia. Being the headquarters of the Principality of the Tabuk region, Tabuk is one of the largest cities in the north of Saudi Arabia.

With a Rich history, culture and natural beauty, the area offers of a diversity of experiences. And if you are looking for the best things to do in Tabuk here are our top picks for you

01 Hejaz Railway Station

Hejaz Railway Station

Located on a railway that connect the two holy cities of Medina and Mecca, the station line is one of the unique attractions to explore in Tabuk. With an hour drive northwest off Medina -Al Ula road is this abandon railway station which today has turned into a museum where you can see a collection of locomotives, trains and several carriages that used to run back in the days along the railway. The artefacts, manuscripts and photographs of the old days of the station will show you the story of the old station giving a glimpse into the history of the place.

02 Tabuk Castle

Tabuk Castle

When you are exploring the Tabuk that has a long history, one of the top things to do in Tabuk is to visit the Tabuk Castle. Constructed in 1559, the old castle is today a museum, yet stand still with pride and regality showcasing a unique side of Tabuk. The place displaces an extensive collection of historical and religious artefacts of Tabuk history, especially from the Ottaman period.

Comprised of a ground floor mosque, beautiful open courtyard, another mosque on the second floor and a few watchtowers, the castle embodies the traditional architectural elements of the Tabuk area. If you like to learn more about the history of Tabuk, the castle is a must-visit for you.

Dating back to 1559, Tabuk Castle is now a museum, with several rooms which house some interesting historical artefacts from the Ottoman period and lots of signage about the history of Tabuk, its connection to the Prophet Muhammad and several famous travellers, including Ibn Battuta and Evliya Celebi. The castle features a ground-floor mosque, an open courtyard and a stairway to the castle’s 2nd-floor mosque and watchtowers. Outside are cisterns that once captured water from a spring that the Prophet Muhammad reportedly drank from.

03 Tabuk Souq

Tabuk Souq

Abraic countries are known for their Souqs. So how can your visit to Tabuk can be complete without a visit to the Tabuk souq! Whether you are on the best souvenir hunt to find small goodies to take back home for your family and friends or just want to soak in the locals' energy of the area to understand the Tabuk culture in a deeper level, Tabuk Souq is the best place for you.

The souq is a cluster of hundreds of shops and has everything imaginable. From traditional dresses, gold jewellery, antiques, carpets, local handcrafts to street food, and much more, and has everything. Wander around the souq and enjoy the vendors as you indulge yourself in the best delicacies of street food.

04 Souq Tawaheen

Souq Tawaheen

Exploring Souq Tawaheen is another must ‘thing to do in Tabuk’ if you are interested in the culture and traditions of the area. Promising you an incredibly unique cultural experience, the souq will present you the best traditional market experience ever. Located in the old quarter of Tabuk, the market is known as the Local Bedouin market; where the Bedouins come to sell and find all that they need. From goat hair tent covers, camel saddles, canvas cooler bags, gas camp stoves to rugs and cushions, the market has everything you can ever think of. If you are someone who loves to explore cultures, paying a visit to this amazing souq should be on the top of your things-to-do list in Tabuk.

05 Al Tabwa Mosque

Al Tabwa Mosque

Al Tawba most is one of the top attractions in Tabuk, that will take you on an unforgettable journey along the Islamic history. The old mosque with its elegant architecture has built with bricks, mud and palm tree trunks and showcases the traditional construction methods of the era. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad prayed in this palace when he arrived with his 30,000 men in AD 630 for the Battle of Tabuk against the Byzantines. The mosque reflects a charming local feel and has no women’s section. Make sure you respect the rules and etiquettes of the mosque even if you are a non-muslim visiting the place.

06 Prince Fahd bin Sulthan’s Park

Prince Fahd bin Sulthan’s Park

When you need a place to unwind and spend time in nature, Prince Fahd Bin Sulthan’s park is the ideal place for you to explore. Spend an unforgettable evening wandering around the park enjoying the finely landscaped garden. The place is ideal for spending time with your family and friends.

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