Top Places to Enjoy in Abha

Have plans to travel Abha, One of the most popular tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia? Looking for the best places to visit in Abha to cover the best of everything during your short visit to the area?

In this article, We share the best attractions in Abha to explore. Keep reading...

01 Basket Market

Basket Market

A traditional market is one of the best places that you can dig deep into the culture of any area, which is why you need to pay a visit to the Basket Market of Abha during your visit to the area. This is one of the top places to visit in Abha that many travellers flock around every day.

As in the name, the market is a marketplace for basket where the local basket makers sell their products. These traditional baskets are colourful, and commonly used item in the area. This is also a great place to interact with the locals and have a chat.

02 Civilizations Museum

Civilizations Museum

Situated in the city centre Muftah Museum or the civilization museum is one of the best museums to explore during your Abha Tour. The place is small; however, there are so many artefacts displayed in the place that will give you a deep look into the history of the kingdom of Arabia. The Museum displays an impressive collection of artefacts manuscript, weapons tools and so much more that belongs to many different historical periods.

This is one of the top places to visit in Abha if you are interested in the history of the civilization of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You will find very descriptive descriptions that explains about each and every artefact in the museum thus you will easily be able to understand about the history even on your own.

03 Shada Palace

Shada Palace

Built by the local Saudi governor in 1927 the palace is a must-visit attraction in the area. The beautiful palace is one of the few traditional buildings left in the area that showcases the traditional architecture of the Asir region at its finest. If you are an architecture lover, this is one of the must-visit places during your tour. The mud wall tower and the other traditional architectural elements of the palace will give you glimpse into the history of the area. One of the main constructional highlights of the place is that the palace has no windows. Expert say it was to ensure the privacy and security of the palace.

04 Abha Dam Lake

Abha Dam Lake

If you like to spend some time in nature a visit to the dam lake should be on the top of your things-to-do list on Abha. The lake is known for its beautiful scenery. Many tourists visit the place to enjoy a quiet time in nature and witness the beautiful surrounding of the place. The glistening waters of the lake against the blue sky with the lush greenery around create the perfect backdrop for an insta- perfect photo. If you are able to visit the place during the sunset hours, you will be able to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen in your life.

05 Abha High City

Abha High City

If you're looking for a place to disconnect from the hustle-bustle of the city life high city is the best place for you. Located on high ground, the place is comprised of cafes and restaurants and internet cafes and offers you the best scenery of the surrounding landscape. The place is popular for its views and the relaxing ambience it offers. This is one of the best places for anyone who seeks a hideaway to immerse themselves in serenity for a few hours during their Saudi tour.

06 Green Mountain

Green Mountain

Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in Abha, green mountain is also known as“Jabal Thera’. The peak of the high terrain is known as the green mountain due to the neon green lights it's decorated with. The green mountain can be seen at night from many miles away making it one of the iconic attractions of the area to explore at night. In the past the mountain was used as a military headquarters, but today it serves as a tourist service area with many restaurants, coffee shops, internet cafes and a cable car service. Make sure to enjoy the cable car ride once you are there, which will be one of the most significant experiences you would have in Abha.

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