Top 16 One of a Kind Tours to Enjoy in Riyadh

Looking for the best Riyadh tours to experience during your time in Riyadh? Here are the top 14 tours in Riyadh listed below just for you.

01 Riyadh Historical Tour

Riyadh Historical Tour

If you are interested in exploring the history of Riyadh during your visit, this is the best Riyadh tour for you. The tour will take you to the best historical attractions around the area including The National Museum, Hall of King Abdulaziz, National museum park, Murraba Palace, Al Masmak & The Imam Turki Mosque and Dira Souq.

02 Edge Of The World Tour

Edge Of The World Tour

Edge of the world tour is popular among travellers who like to explore nature’s wonders. Taking you to the Jebel Fihrayn, which is 120 Km away from Riyadh, this dramatically chiselled rock formation will take your breath away at first sight. You can climb the clif and capture the view from the edge of the world.

03 Riyadh Desert Safari Tour

Riyadh Desert Safari Tour

No tour in Saudi Arabia completes without going on an adventure in the Riyadh desert. From dune bashing rides, traditional costume photoshoots, desert sports to camel rides, desert tours in Riyadh ensure you an experience of a lifetime. There are half-day and full-day desert safari adventures in Riyadh that you can choose from to fit your travel plans.

04 Riyadh City Tour

Riyadh City Tour

Riyadh is one of the main cities in Saudi that has it all. From history, culture, sky-high glamorous buildings, futuristic theme parks and so much more Riyadh city tour will show you the best sights and sounds of the city taking you to the most popular attractions.

05 Riyadh Quad Bike Tours

Riyadh Quad Bike Tours

If you are up for adrenaline rushing adventure, a quad bike ride in Riyadh is one of the best desert adventures you could try during your stay. You can enjoy up to one-hour quad bike ride in the desert with this tour followed by many other fun desert activities.

06 Riyadh Morning Desert Safari Tours

Riyadh Morning Desert Safari Tours

Spend an unforgettable morning in the desert witnessing the sunrise for once from the desert- which and experience many don’t get to experience in their lifetime. The tour will take you to the desert before the dawn and let you experience a myriad of desert adventures.

07 Riyadh Overnight Desert Safari Tours

Riyadh Overnight Desert Safari Tours

Spending a night in the desert, only a dream for many. Experience an unforgettable desert adventure spending a full night in the desert. Have a BBQ dinner under the stars and sit around a bonfire for a shisha. These are only two of the fantastic adventures you get to experience if you opt for this amazing Riyadh Tour.

08 Private Romantic Dune Dinner in Riyadh

Private Romantic Dune Dinner in Riyadh

Surprise your significant other with a romantic date amidst the desert. Whether it’s your anniversary, proposal or honeymoon, this is one of the best couple tours in Riyadh that features many desert adventures as well as romantic activities for an unforgettable time.

09 Riyadh Food Tour

Riyadh Food Tour

Food is an important part of any travel if you are here to experience Riyadh fully. Giving you the opportunity to taste the best dishes from the Saudi cuisine the tour will take you to the best places to try the local delights.

10 Riyadh By Night Tour

Riyadh By Night Tour

Nighttime is one of the best times to explore the beauty of Riyadh. This Riyadh tour will take you on a crazy ride around the city in Riyadh showing you the best places and attractions to explore at night and enjoy the nightlife.

11 Abha City Tour

Abha City Tour

If you think Saudi is all about sun sand and desert, A day tour to Abha will change your mind forever. With sky-high emerald green mountains covered in green lush trees and shrubs that are enveloped in mist, the area offers you many attractions that will let you spend some peaceful time in nature.

12 Trip To Heet Cave

Trip To Heet Cave

Located 40 km away from Riyadh city centre, Ain Heet cave is another natural wonder in Saudi Arabia. The rock cave with an eye-shaped entrance has an underground lake. This tour will take you the heet cave with an experienced guide to show you around.

13 Trip to Al Diriyah

Trip to Al Diriyah

Being the first capital of the first Saudi state Al Diriyah is one the most visited historical cities in Saudi. The tour features Historical Diriyah, Mamlaka Tower, Sky observation bridge, The Al Rajhi Grand Mosque & The King Fahd National Library in the itinerary and ensures you an amazing adventure.

14 Riyadh Wildlife Park Tour

Riyadh Wildlife Park Tour

Go on a safari ride in a wildlife park in Riyadh to enjoy some exotic wildlife encounters at close quarters. With over 700 animals the park is home to zebra, herds of giraffe, cheetah, wildebeest, gazelle, impala, ostrich, pygmy hippos.

15 Al Wahbah Crater Tour

Al Wahbah Crater Tour

Situated in 710 km away from Riyadh is a volcanic crater that you must explore if you are looking for unique exploration. The 2km diameter volcanic crater surrounds great topography and amazing views where you can explore with a hike.

16 Al Ahsa Tour

Al Ahsa Tour

Located 300km from Riyadh, Al Ahsa is a UNESCO-listed city. The natural oases are one of the largest of its kinds and comprised of natural springs and lakes. This is one of the unique day tours in Riyadh that you can enjoy for an affordable price.

Best Riyadh Tours

These are some of the top tours in Riyadh that you can enjoy during your next holiday in Saudi. No matter what type of a traveller you are or with whom you travel, Riyadh has the tours to keep you excited and entertained.

Make sure to plan your tours in Riyadh with an experienced tour guide to enjoy a seamless touring experience.

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