Things to do in Al Ula

Nestled in the heart of the captivating country of Saudi Arabia lies the hidden gem- Al Ula. Perhaps a tourist treasure that effortlessly blends modernity and the natural splendours with the rich ancient past of the land. Undoubtedly, the land opens doors to travel through time for those pursuing to explore this valuable legacy of the Arabians. From the natural rock formations, the ancient tombs, the inscribed mountains, the UNESCO World Heritage site, the breathtaking natural beauty, the enchanting desert region, and so much more- this land truly offers a plethora of adventures and opportunities to discover the hidden glory.

If you are searching for one of the best things to do Al Ula Saudi Arabia has many. Given the wide range of tour choices and excursion packages, it is understandable that one has a daunting time deciding what to do in Al Ula. Thus, this blog is for you. We have thoughtfully summarised the best experience in Al Ula that one must not miss. Whether you are seeking a nature escapade or want to fuel your adrenaline rush, these ideas will definitely help you plan your itinerary efficiently.

Pack your bags, awaken your explorer's spirit, and get ready to experience Al Ula. Dive deep into the historical significance and fly high with the adventurous activities- indeed, Al Ula helps you create unforgettable memories!

Are you wondering what is the best time to visit Al Ula? It is usually during the winter months, between October to March. This period has milder temperatures. However- you can visit in the summers too, but the heat can be challenging on the whole. Hence, it is crucial to be hydrated throughout the journey to avoid health issues such as heat strokes and dehydration. Let us look into the list of things you can explore and experience in Al Ula.

01 Visit Al Ula old town

Visit Al Ula old town

Al Ula is a treasure trove for travel enthusiasts. The mesmerizing vistas and the historical sites - deliver the best of Al Ula. You can begin your journey by visiting the Al Ula old town. This ancient town is a testament to the region's brilliant architectural legacy. The narrow streets, mud-brick houses, traditional buildings, and muted souks provide a glimpse of the daily lifestyle of the people who once lived here. Each step forward into this town takes one back to the rich past of this region- where everything conveyed a tale of elegance and simplicity. Perhaps, if you are looking for free things to do Al Ula has a lot to offer its visitors! Up next you can go to observe the Elephant Rock.

02 Visit Jabal Al Fil (Elephant Rock)

Visit Jabal Al Fil

Jabal Al Fil is also known as the Elephant Rock. This massive sandstone is a testament to Nature's unbelievable creation. The name Elephant Rock is derived from the shape of this rock, which resembles to an elephant, created by wind and time. Perhaps this natural wonder against the enchanting desert backdrop creates stunning photography opportunities. So do not miss to capture with your lenses! Especially during the sunset and sunrise scenes, where the light shadows play on the massive rock creating a visual treat!

03 Visit Jabal Ikmah

Visit Jabal Ikmah

Are you looking for unique things to do Al Ula has that too in store! Take a trip to Jabal Ikmah and discover the inscriptions that tell the tale of the ancient era and the rock arts that embellish this historical site. This location is often recognized as the Open-Air Library in Al Ula or as the Library of Rocks.

04 Experience a Helicopter Tour

Experience a Helicopter Tour

Yes, you read it right! Al Ula offers luxurious tours providing unmatchable experiences. Get on board and soar high above to discover the historical wonders and breathtaking landscapes from a new perspective.

05 Ride a hot air balloon

Ride a hot air balloon

Indeed, Al Ula promises to offer once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Challenge your sporty spirit and hop onto a hot air balloon to explore the breathtaking wonders of Al Ula from an elevated point of view. Enhance your hot air balloon ride by choosing the tour excursion; either during the sunset or sunrise. The thrill of conquering the skies and observing the enchanting beauty unfold beneath is an unparalleled experience!

06 Experience the traditional souks

Experience the traditional souks

Embrace the warm hospitality and traditions of the Boudin people by visiting their local souks. Explore the wide range of homemade goodies and traditional souvenirs. Furthermore, indulge in a warm cup of authentic tea or an aromatic cup of coffee. In addition, savour the fresh, juicy dates.

07 Explore Hegra

Explore Hegra

Hegra, also known as Madain Saleh, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This location holds the legendary tales of the Nabatean civilization, the ancient tombs carved into the red mountains and the history carved into the surroundings. Visit here and discover the rich history of this land.

08 Visit the Al Ula Museum

Visit the Al Ula Museum

Gain more knowledge and enrich your entire Al Ula expedition by visiting the local museum of Al Ula. Get a deeper understanding of the city's traditional and cultural significance through exhibit displays and antiques kept in the museum.

09 Go to see the Maraya

Go to see the Maraya

Maraya, a concert hall, is a stunning modern architectural wonder in the historical land of Al Ula. Maraya is 'mirrors' in Arabic. Did you know? Maraya is in the Guinness World Record as the World's largest mirror building. The unique feature of this building is that it seamlessly blends with its surroundings, creating a visual masterpiece at all times.

10 Have a fine dining experience under the stars

dining experience under the stars

The enchanting desert of Al Ula is a playground for those seeking an extra dose of adrenaline rush. Apart from the heart-pounding dune bashing ride, an unforgettable camel ride, and much more- the captivating desert offers exceptional experiences. One such magical experience is to enjoy a delicious hot dinner under the starlit sky in the desert. Indeed, this perfect dining setting is found nowhere else! Savour the authentic flavours of Arabian cuisine, as the fresh night breeze sings in harmony and the twinkling stars above speak the tales of heaven.

The list is endless, however; with its diverse breathtaking landscapes, natural marvels, historical sites and architectural wonders- the region of Al Ula has something for every traveller. Get your explorer's shoes on and get on a voyage to create lasting memories.