8 Amazing Tours to Enjoy in Jeddah

Jeddah is one of the most iconic and historical cities in Saudi Arabia that will make your jaws drop at every corner with the unique experiences it has to offer you. The futuristic town has so many facets and won't be able to cover with only one day tour. Which is why we've listed the best day tours in Jeddah below for you.

01 Jeddah Historical Tour

Jeddah Historical Tour

Offering you an unforgettable historical expedition of a lifetime, the tour is one of the top Jeddah tours whether you are a history lover or not. Taking you to the best historical attractions of the city, the tour will take you back on time showing you the historical grandeur of the area.

The tour includes Jeddah’s historical downtown area Al-Balad, Beit Nassif, Old Markets, Al Tayebat International City Museum, Historical Jeddah north gate, The New Jeddah Corniche and The Floating Mosque and promises you an insightful touring experience.

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02 Taif Day Tour From Jeddah

Taif Day Tour From Jeddah

Taif is one of the most significant cities to explore to experience another unique side of Saudi Arabia. Being one of the most treasured historical cities of the country the city has many popular attractions including Shubra Palace, Old markets (Souq Okaz), Taif Heart Mall, Al Rudaf Park, Al Shafa mountain and Al Hada mountain. Offering you the best sights and sounds of the vibrant culture and the amazing history of the area, the tour will take you on an unforgettable exploration during your time in Jeddah.

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03 Jeddah Food Tour

Jeddah Food Tour

Are you a foodie who loves to try the different cuisines whenever you travel to another country? Then Jeddah food Tour should be on the top of your Jeddah tour list. The tour offers the best food adventure giving you the opportunity to savour the best of the local dishes of the area.

From staples, desserts, sweets, drinks to street foods the tour will show you not just the best food to try in Jeddah but the food culture and dining etiquettes giving you a full foodie’s experience.

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04 Jeddah Evening Desert Safari

Jeddah Evening Desert Safari

Who doesn't love to spend an unforgettable evening in the beautiful Jeddah desert? Imagine an evening where you get to sit on a tall sand dune watching the colorful evening sky sipping a warm cup of traditional tea or coffee after a wild desert sports saga.

This is how your evening is going to be like if you join this amazing desert safari tour in Jeddah. The tour includes a myriad of desert adventures, sports and fun activities such as camel rides, dune drives, sandboarding, henna tattoos and photoshoots in traditional clothing.

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05 Jeddah Quad Bike Tour

Jeddah Quad Bike Tour

If you are up for a wild desert adventure, Jeddah quad bike tour is the best adventure tour for you in Jeddah. Being of one the most popular tour among thrill-seekers, children as well as adults, the tour will promise you a fantastic desert adventure of a lifetime.

Whether you have rode a quad bike before or not, you are promised a great time as the tour will provide you with experienced English-speaking instructors who will assist you till you pick up your quad bike riding skills.

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06 Jeddah Morning Desert Safari Tour

Jeddah Morning Desert Safari Tours

Not everyone gets to experience a sunrise in a desert in their lifetime. Experience this one-of-a-kind experience during your visit to Jeddah. Offering you an unforgettable sunrise desert safari touring experience in the desert, the tour will take your Jeddah adventures to the next level.

The tour features many desert sports and desert activities including, camel trekking, dune drives, sandboarding, Henna tattoos and traditional costume photoshoots.

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07 Jeddah Overnight Desert Safari Tour

Jeddah Overnight Desert Safari Tours

What if you could spend an entire night in the evening and see what it likes to spend a night in the desert like a Bedouin? An overnight desert safari tour in Jeddah offers you an excellent opportunity to go on an amazing desert adventure and spend a night in the desert.

The tour will show you the best experiences of the desert life from history, culture, the lifestyle of real desert men following a camping night in the desert in a traditional Bedouin tent. From BBQ dinners under the starlit sky, henna tattoos, fun photoshoots in traditional costume to relaxing time with shisha smoking around a bonfire, the tour comes with fantastic desert experiences.

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08 Private Romantic Dune Dinner in Jeddah

Private Romantic Dune Dinner in Jeddah

When you are travelling with your significant other and looking for the best romantic dates to surprise them during your Jeddah visit, a romantic dining experience in the Jeddah desert is one of the best options for you.

Offering you the best romantic setting to rekindle your romance for each other the tour features many fun and wild adventure that you could create unique travel memories. This includes camel rides, dune drives, henna tattoos, sandboarding, BBQ dinners, and so much more.

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Being one of the top destinations to explore in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah offers you a diversity of experiences for travellers around the world.